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 Coursework Detail

Lecture Notes

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MATLAB  Program



one mid-term
one final exam

Project Presentation

Project Proposal (2-page sumamry)
Project Presentation(30-min oral presentation)
Project Report (20-pages or less)

Textbook and references

Textbook: Rao, K.R. and Hwang, J.J., Techniques & Standards for Image, Video   and Audio Coding, Prentice Hall, 1996.
ref: Mitchell, J.L., Pennebaker, W.B. Fogg, C.E., and LeGall, D.J., MPEG  Video Compression Standard, Chapman & Hall, 1997

C/C++ source program


Visual  C/C++ Programming Introduction

MS Visual Studio Tool Usage(pdf:745kB)
Visual C++ Image Process Programming Introduction(pdf:1229KB)

MATLAB Programming Resources

 Getting started with MATLAB 6