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      -F.A.I.T.H In Action to the world-

FAITH is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.FAITH is the story of what is about to happen in your life and in your church. It is the journey of faith in which God led a congregation of believers-much like yours-into a most extraodinary life changing adventure.
mission for F.A.I.T.H. In Action College Ministry(hereafter called FIACM) is to fulfill God's Great Commission of going and making disciples, and educating them to equip with God's word and live for GOD's glory and shine the lights to the world by awakening and reviving Korean Colleges, the 1.5generation, 2nd generation of Korean-American Christians and Korean international students from their spiritual darkness and ignorance.

We are a ministry that focuses on God and your FAITH into living ACTION. We have passion to reach out to people, especially those who don't know Jesus Christ, contacting in our daily life fields. Although we target college students, graduate students and other young adults, anyone and everyone are welcome from all ethnicity, culture, age, profession, etc. including religion.
This ministry does not promote or advocate any RELIGION, even the CHRISTIAN RELIGION. This ministry focuses on building a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. We build a bond of fellowship and friendship with brothers and sisters in Christ who may need connection, communications, commitment in faith and even a caring shoulder - especially if you don't know anyone else. We grow stronger in faith to serve God by plugging into sub-ministries and especially into a church. God never called His children to be "Lone Ranger Christians." We are a family of God and a team for Jesus Christ.
Finally, we just love doing everything with fun & excitement!!! Does it seem like being a Christian and enjoying it are two opposites? Then we encourage you to join with us in turning your




   FIA at HNU


  FIA in UTA, Texas

 매주 화요일 오전 8:30에 공대교수 휴게실에서 공대 교수들의 영성과 친교를 위한 차한잔 나누는 말씀 묵상의 시간을 갖습니다.


교재: 다락방

Daily Bread QT


 한남대학교의  Faith In Action(FIA) 사역은 전능한 하나님을 높이고 캠퍼스내의 잃어 버린 영혼을 복음화하며 형제와 자매로서의 공동체를 세우고 대학내의 하나님의 사람들을 교육하여 하나님의 사역에 참여토록하는 것이다.

 여러분의 생각과 삶이 머무는곳이 바로 FIA의 세계입니다. 그곳에 책임있는 그리스도인의 본을 나타내고싶지 않습니까?
함께 동역하기를 원합니다 


 Faith In Action at UTA, Texas, USA is to Elevate God Almighty, to Evangelize the lost souls in campus, to Encourage and Edify brotherhood and sisterhood, to Educate God's people in campus, and to Engage in service of God's works.
 Interested in FIA in Actions at Your University or your school?

If God is calling you to serve in this ministry, contact Daechul Park at 042-629-7571(O)



관심있으신 기독인 교수, 교사에게 필요한 자료와 정보를 제공합니다.


 We can help you in this FAITH Clinics by providing resources and contacts.

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